Going on a day hike, or a road trip? Or maybe you’re going mountain biking or backpacking. Perhaps you just sent your kid off to college in a new town and want to make sure they stay safe. Ever wondered what kind of gear you should have in your emergency evacuation (Go-Bag)?

If so, we've got you covered; simply pick your category and check out what we've put together for you. We want to help keep you and your loved ones safe. Also, we don't want you to have to rethink your gear list every time you're preparing to head out on a backpacking trip, or road trip.

And don't be intimidated by the length of a few of the lists. Remember, you don't have to acquire everything at once - get the basics, and build upon that foundation over time. And also remember that that flashlight you keep at home can be the same one you take on your mountain bike adventures or day hikes.

You can find PDF downloadable lists in the "Free Stuff" room in the store that are more in-depth, and you can find out EVERYTHING you need to know in Mark's book, Gear, Tactics, and the Psychology of Survival, available here in the store, and soon at Amazon books.

In his book, Mark describes why each piece of equipment is so important, and describes in detail how to use your gear, and he explains, for example, why you need a down jacket on a short summer day hike (Chapter 7).

So pick your category and get started.

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