California’s Best Secret Camping Spots and Hidden Gems

Secluded Camping

Ditch the Crowds and Find Solitude This is the list for solitude-seekers who won’t compromise for second-rate wilderness camping areas. If you’re like me, you take camping trips to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Unfortunately, some of the most beautiful national parks get so crowded and chaotic that they begin to resemble…

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9 Best Natural Springs in California

Hilltop Hot Springs

Wash the Stress Away and Soak in the Natural Beauty! Have you ever visited one of California’s beautiful natural hot springs? If not, don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect list for you! Our well-travelled ExPR team has created the perfect list of “must hit” spots for those wanting to enjoy a warm bath while immersed…

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7 Ways Not to Die on a Hike

experienced hikers

Okay, it’s a little morbid. Going for a little levity! But here are 7 things from seasoned pros that you really ought to know before venturing into the outdoors – even on a day hike: 1) Cotton Kills If you’ve never heard that saying before, this article will be worth reading. Seasoned hikers and outdoor…

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A Small Device That Packs A Punch

nuclear testing island

Small radiation detectors alert you to what cannot be seen with the naked eye. Heightened levels of radiation makes people extremely sick when encountered, thus the optimal solution is being alerted when radiation is close so one can steer clear of that particular area. Radiation as a component or element can not be seen, heard…

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7 Scenic Southern California Drives

mount whitney road

Seize today to remember tomorrow…take a drive! Breathtaking landscape is always right around the corner and at your fingertips when visiting or living in Southern California. Enjoy a warm weekend with family and friends by rolling down the window and cruising down a stunning scenic byway. We asked SoCal locals where in California to find…

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19 Best Hikes in California

best hike in california yosemite

Climb Your Way to the Best Views in California! Want to take your friends and family on a hike that will provide some life-long memories? The experienced ExPR team has made a list of the top 19 hikes in California, and why they deserve that title.   1.) Lost Palms Oasis – Joshua Tree National…

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Real Survivor Experience: How To Survive a Hurricane

Disaster Storm Hurricane Survival

Hurricanes had, obviously, hit the East Coast many times before, but the storm headed our way was not anticipated to be as severe as it ultimately turned out to be. Luckily, my skepticism and penchant for preparation went a long way toward helping to keep us safe in the face of Hurricane Irene.   Before…

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Wilderness Survival Skills You Need To Know

Mountain Survival Explore Preparation

The buddy system is always a good idea, and will exponentially increase your chances of survival, whether you are scuba diving, mountain biking, weathering a natural disaster at home, or backpacking. But, whether you are solo, or with a partner, there are survival skills that you can implement that can keep an adventure in the…

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Bug out bag in trunk

The idea of a Go-bag, is to have the ability to leave on a moment’s notice and be able to survive, without outside help, for an unknown duration of time. Why would anyone need a Go-bag? There are many scenarios like a short notice evacuation because of natural disasters like a hurricane, wildfire, tornado, flood,…

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