Our Mission

ExPR’s mission is education, promotion of self-reliance, and saving lives by encouraging the procurement and use of the proper gear, essential items, and planning techniques, that everyone can utilize in the midst of any unexpected event or survival situation, whether it be on an outdoor adventure, on the road, or at home.

ExPR donates a portion of all sales to the One Percent for the Planet foundation, founded by Patagonia’s Yvon Chouinard. We also donate to the National Association for Search and Rescue and Adaptive Sports Access for Wounded Warriors.

Who We Are

First, let me tell you who we’re not, and then I’ll tell you who we are.

We are not “preppers”, with suggestions for the best bunker and missile silo designs for your backyard.  We are an authentically serious company that believes that every family should have a plan of action, a backup plan, and the most basic supplies at home, in the event of an unforeseen emergency that requires one to exercise a certain amount of self-reliance.

We believe, strongly, that as you have Homeowners Insurance, Medical Insurance, Life Insurance, and Car Insurance, for those unforeseen events that do occur, that it only makes sense to be able to care for your family in the event of an earthquake, hurricane, getting lost on a trail or stranded in your car, and yes, war, civil unrest, or power grid failure.

These things happen, and when they do, it doesn’t take long for things to go bad very quickly. You can rely on FEMA, which history bears out won't go very well, or you can depend on yourself.  We recommend the latter.

So that’s why we’re here, and hopefully why you’re here.  You’re smart, and we’re here to help you get smarter.

We’ve put together a list of must-have items, for emergency, urban disaster, and backcountry survival, that have been tested against other products, by experts in the field, and are of the highest quality.  But, that doesn’t mean the most expensive; quite the contrary.  The products we offer and recommend, perform the function much better than similar products, sometimes many times the cost.  We carry only the best, from Black Diamond and Granite Gear, to Gerber, Katadyn, and Adventure Medical Kits. We have Clif Bar, Mountain House, and AlpineAire foods, among our hundreds of products, and we are adding new products every single day.

As you peruse the site such as the Checklist section (in the navigation bar), or the "ExPR Recommendations" room, you will hear us talking a lot about certain brands that we have found to be of exceptional quality. An example would be ACR, that makes equipment that is used by the U.S Military, but should be in your backpack. You can't buy from ACR, but you can buy from us, as we carry their entire line. 

We will continue to update our product line as new products come out, and new technologies emerge.

Our quality products come with competitive pricing, and if you join our mailing list, you will automatically become a member of our Buyers Club (it’s free), and you can take advantage of many discounts and free offerings, including free shipping on some items.

Also, read about the 2 is 1, and 1 is none, concept. You can find that in the "Free Stuff" room in the store, or in Mark's book, Gear, Tactics, and the Psychology of Survival, also in the store.

As you learn more about the “5 Essentials” of Survival Insurance - Water, Food, Power, Communications, and Protection - you will begin to understand the foundation you can create now, and build upon over time, just as you would with a Retirement Account or Life Insurance.

We have a lot of free content that we want to share. You can find that in the "Free Stuff" room in the store. Go there to find out how to put together a fail-safe Signaling Kit or Fire-Starter Kit, and much more. Please avail yourself.

One other thing. As we are very interested in the outdoors, happen to be experts in outdoor survival, and well, survival is survival, we offer many products that can be carried on your outdoor adventures, hence “Expedition”, and at the same time will help get you through an emergency at home.

Thank you for trusting us. As you would never let your family down, we at ExPR will never let you down.

Many thanks again,
Your Team at ExPR

About our Founder


Our founder, Mark Holmes, saw a need in the mid 1990's, for compact, lightweight, survival kits for backpackers, mountain bikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. These contained the "10 Essentials", and more, and varied in their size and complexity. He manufactured a line of 10 or so different packs for the outdoor industry, and in 1998, he was asked by the National Association for Search and Rescue, to design a pack for them, as well as accompanying educational material.

As an early innovator of what he saw as a real need for outdoor enthusiasts, he was a bit ahead of his time, and the market didn't come to recognize the need until years later. Today, of course, these kits are the mainstay of every outdoor retailer, as well as found in the packs of most backpackers and adventurers.

Mark HolmesMark has spent many years studying survival, and has catalogued hundreds of incidents of lost or killed hikers who's deaths could likely have been averted. In his book, Gear, Tactics, and the Psychology of Survival, Mark analyzes the supplies and tactics needed for home emergencies, and backcountry survival.

It's Mark's wish that when that inevitable hurricane comes knocking, and the power goes out, or Mother Nature decides to become otherwise uncooperative, that those survival instincts derived from this material and others will instinctively kick in, and save lives.

That is why he started ExPR, Expedition, Protection, and Rescue products, and that is what motivates him every day.

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